The Profit Think Tank program was developed to partner with organizations who work with small and medium sized businesses. By working together, we can extend the reach of the program and better help the businesses we mutually seek to serve. We have put together partner programs to facilitate these relationships. But, as always, we are very open to ideas and suggestions on how to increase our opportunities for collaboration. Please email us with your thoughts and ideas! The following partner programs are currently in place from The Profit Think Tank:

SBDCs reach a huge number of small and medium sized businesses. The Profit Think Tank was founded by an individual with SBDC background and the programs are ideal to share in the SBDC environment. MORE.


Chambers are a central location for community based business development. We want to help your Chamber support the successful growth and evolution of your local business community. Learn about our programs here. MORE.

One of the pillars of good economic development is "growing your own" and supporting the organizations already located in your community. For many, that means growth in revenues and profits. PTT programs help! MORE.

Banks have a vested interest in seeing their client companies grow and succeed. Our programs help companies succeed, a central element to a successful commercial lending program. Join with us to create this forward momentum. MORE

The "think tank" model places value on content creation from multiple people - and we have cool programs in place to bring multiple authors, consultants, and general topic experts together to expand our service. Join our team! MORE.

The list above is just a starting point for collaboration. We welcome requests from organizations who find our work interesting and would like to partner with us to create mutual benefit. Email us today.