Put the 9 pillars of customer success to work in your business for improved revenues, profits, and stability!
Developing strong cusotmer relationships is a cornerstone activity for every organization; profits and sustainability depend on it. Develop a customer-centric focus in your business to ensure long term success!
Customer Pillars
Grow healthy, profitable, sustainable customer revenues.

If you use a broad definition of marketing (as we do), to mean "managing the relationships between customers and the company," then marketing is a key driver to the success, growth, and profitability of any business. This "revenues management" component of the business cannot be underestimated.

The Customer Pillars system looks at nine fundamental "pillars" of growing the relationships with customers. The program is written in simple, straightforward language, so anyone regardless of marketing background can benefit. Though it is not "simplistic" - in other words, the concepts are real, tangible marketing concepts - basically the mind-set of a VP of Sales and Marketing, so the program has wide application.

This program includes a full book (274 pages) and workbook program (351 pages) - and multiple electronic courses.

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Basic Membership

The following tools from this program are available with the basic membership (free):
* Electronic version of full Customer Pillars Book (274 Pages)
* Workbook introduction and Various Worksheets (approximately 12 different exercises)
* Multiple Electronic Courses = 31 Day Startup Primer, 14 Day Quick Plan, 8 Marketing Tips for Recession Stressed Entrepreneurs, 10 Marketing Plan Tips to Get the Bank Loan, Chapter A Week, Automatic Follow up

Premium Membership

The following additional tools are available to our premium members:
* Customer Pillars workbook pdfs for each pillar (total of 351 pages)
* Electronic Courses = 26 Week Implementation Program for Entrepreneurs, 14 Day Quickstart Consultant, 26 Week Consultant Implementation, One Year Marketing VP Program
* Consultant Certification Program
* Customer Pillars Workshop - PowerPoints * 9 Session Customer Pillars Programs - PowerPoints / Instructor's Guide

Other Supporting Tools

Be sure to check out our "store" to purchase the following
* Printed copy of the Customer Pillars book and workbook
* The Full Implementation Kit, which includes copies of the printed book and workbook and a one year follow up electronic course.

Own The Responsibility
For many entrepreneurs, their goal is to turn over the revenue managment and marketing activities of the business to someone else who is more "expert" than they are. It rarely works. This part of the business is too central to the "core" personality of the business and should be a central part of the leader's energy within the company. Grow into the customer focused leader your company needs!
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