Partnership with ESOs
We support the progress of not-for-profit entrepreneurial support organizations, such as SBDCs, Chambers, and other economic development organizations.
There are a variety of community support organizations designed to cultivate and support entrepreneurship and general business success. The programs from The Profit Think Tank are designed to augment and improve these activities.
Entrepreneurial Support Organizations
The perfect collaboration

Curt Clinkinbeard, the founding member of The Profit Think Tank is a former Small Business Development Center (SBDC) center director - and has had a relationships with SBDCs at a national level since 2005. (Curt recently presented at his 9th ASBDC national conference.) In addition, Curt has done professional development training in 15 different states/regions and has completed over 100 public workshops with SBDCs throughout the country. In this work, he has also collaborated with Chambers of Commerce, Main Street Organizations, Women and Minority Business Development organizations, and other economic development organizations.

Thus, the programs of The Profit Think Tank are designed with SBDCs and other ESOs in mind. While the program was not designed exclusively for SBDCs, Curt's experience with SBDC goals, clients, center marketing, and consultants were heavily incorporated, making it an ideal program for multiple SBDC situations.

Because of this commitment to supporting entrepreneurs (and the SBDC program specifically), The Profit Think Tank makes its "premium" membership available to consultants, directors, training coordinators, and other support staff at SBDCs and other ESOs at no cost. There is a "checkbox" option at the membership registration to which gives SBDC employees access to this free program. NOTE: SBDC clients are NOT eligible to apply under this registration code. There is a free (basic) membership that SBDC clients can apply for, as well as the premium (paid) membership program. Both are excellent options for SBDC clients. (Please make sure to put a link to on your SBDC / ESO website!)

In addition to providing consulting programs and workshops, many of the PTT programs are well suited for medium-sized employer firms, a targeted client type for many SBDCs. In addition, the materials provide a marketing opportunity for SBDCs to approach such clients.

While all programs have application in the SBDC, the S2 Leaders program was designed to be offered in a local group setting and is ideal for SBDCs to offer in their community, potentially in partnership with other economic development agencies.

Free Membership Upgrade!
Employees of not-for-profit, community-based entrepreneurial support organizations (SBDCs, Chambers, ECO devo, etc) are eligible for a free upgrade to our premium membership. We do this to support the professional development of these team members, but also to encourage your involvement and engagement with our content ... you have much to contribute! Just look for the "Free" membership option when you sign up.

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