Where we have been is interesting, but not as exciting as where we are going!.
The Profit Think Tank was created with the express interest of sharing management thinking with everyone - and to create a community where engaged dialogue leads to better learning.
Our Journey
Help us evolve the concept further.

The Profit Think Tank is part of a for-profit, privately held corporation in the State of Kansas. The majority owner is Curt Clinkinbeard, the Founding Member of The Profit Think Tank.

Prior to founding The Profit Think Tank, some of the materials (primarily the "Customer Pillars" materials, developed initially by Clinkinbeard in 2005) were made available through a license to a not-for-profit organization called The FAMEE Foundation. In 2008, the concept of making electronic copies of materials available for free was incorporated and has become an overriding philosophy. With the expansion of the concept to "profitability" from only "marketing" it was determined that the Customer Pillars materials were best offered as one of the programs through The Profit Think Tank, so the license was cancelled and the not-for-profit was disbanded.

Curt began the process of converting the approach into a profit-driven concept in 2011 with the development of the "Profit Competencies" program, and in 2013 with the release of "Profitability Is ..." This evolution felt very logical as marketing success only works with strong overall planning and execution of all functions in the business. Applying the marketing concepts of "value creation" and "improved communications" to the overall business not only helped with marketing, but with employee management, investor / banking relations, vendors, and the overall community .... leading to better results. Thus the belief that a mature approach to business touches many areas: a core philosophy of the organization.

Though the company is a for-profit organization, it has a strong history of working with not-for-profits targeted at business development (including SBDCs, Chambers, and other economic development organization) and makes many of its materials available for free or at a reduced price to these organizations. Curt Clinkinbeard was an SBDC consultant for six years and a center director for three and a half years, so the mind-set of helping communities cultivate a spirit of entrepreneurship is central in the culture of the Profit Think Tank.

As a company, we believe that profitability is a noble desire and can - and should - lead to greater things for the individual, the company, and the greater community. 

Profitability as a Management Discipline
Profit Thinking is important. It's not just about "making money," but rather about making a contribution which creates more value than the input or cost. Profit motives can come from positive places, and do more often than dark ones. Orienting your management career around profitability pays dividends, not just for you and your company, but can make positive progress for all!
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