There is a method to our madness. Learn more about what makes us tick.
We break the mold of the traditional "one guru" mind-set of most expert business content. We also believe that "students" are often the best teachers.
Our Philosophy
A unique way to help you grow.

The Profit Think Tank is an organization which focuses on profitability strategies for business owners and managers. The organization centers on small to medium sized businesses, typically that are closely held, though the concepts are more universal in their application and would work for managers in larger organizations or not-for-profits.

There are two guiding premises behind The Profit Think Tank, as follows:

Profitability as a management discipline - We believe that managing a business with an understanding of ways to grow profitability in the company. This is a broader based, more holistic thinking approach. Designing companies for profitability is not a "greedy" concept, but rather one that has a a mature view of the importance of profitability to the sustainability, and impact of the company.

User driven, evolving content - Businesses evolve and so should ideas used to manage them. The "think tank" element of the program encourages participants to not only learn, but to contribute back to the content. This mind-set allows the content to expand and grow with user experience and feedback. This collective, community-based approach leads to smarter, more actionable content.

We have a few other principles which impact our approach...

* We use technology and our "Think Tank" model in combination to drive down the cost of delivery. Our goal is to make high end management advice available to anyone. This differs from the common "1 guru" approach used by most management content providers.

* Management philosophies can often be boiled down into over arching, simple principles - however, there are often significant details under those broad concepts ... we attempt to highlight both. Because of this, there is significant value of breaking the material down into small segments and revisiting over the course of time, this increases both retention and the "reminder" factor.

We approach things differently. Our members have much to contribute back to the ideas presented. The concepts grow and become even more usable. This also drives down the cost of delivery so we can provide services "for the rest of us." Everyone can access these services.

Curt Clinkinbeard, Founding Member

* Jargon should be used sparingly, if at all. Most management systems can be explained in standard (even basic) language; the tendency of content experts to use sophisticated language and complex jargon is (in our opinion) mainly for the benefit of the writer, not the reader ... so we make all attempts to make our materials the most accessible by using standard language (hey, it might even take more genius to explain complex things in simple terms than to dress up basic concepts with jargon.)

* Learning about profitability is about a bigger concept than just making more money and growing a career. There certainly is an element of service and or a "greater good" to these skills. We challenge all members to look for the "bigger meanings" and to use them in the way that leads to the best good for you - and your greater contributions, including, importantly, to others.

The organization is a for-profit business, however, has an emphasis on supporting not-for-profit organizations who foster and develop entrepreneurs and to ensure high quality management content is widely available to business managers. We believe this access promotes a better business world, and contribution.

Curt Clinkinbeard, a marketing and strategic planning consultant, is the Founding Member of The Profit Think Tank, but recognizes the spirit of the organization is to be member-driven and organized in a way to create the greatest value to the members and create a format where entrepreneurs can use, and contribute to excellent management practices. 

Your Input Matters!
We take our "think tank" model very seriously. We want your input on the ideas presented, as well as the overall direction of the organization. When you become a member, you join a community and have a vested interest in where the organization evolves to. Help us continue to make this very special!
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