There are 60 skillsets, in 3 groups which drive your profits. Master them!
A sytematic approach to comprehensively address profitabilty management. We look at 3 competency groups across 5 key stakeholder groups to cut across functions for a holistic solution.
Profit Competencies
Improve your compentencies to drive profitability.

There are 60 competencies going on inside your business right now. And while you already work on them, you are likely far from perfect. Improving these competencies increases your probability for success, sustainability, and will drive profits to the bottom line.The 60 competencies are organized into 3 competency groups, with 20 competencies each. The structure of these competency groups is extremely key - and describes how companies form and profit from a series of important relationships.

The program starts with an assessment where managers in the the company rank themselves on each of the 60 competencies. With this, the company starts to see strengths and weaknesses and important opportunities for improvement. Through this, the company will gravitate and focus on 3 to 8 of the individual competencies (growth competencies).

This focus helps the business managers to prioritize and focus on key initiatives to improve the profitability of the company. Given there are a "tornado" or things going on in your business, this program helps you laser target in on the things that will create the most impact. (The other really cool thing is that progress on any one competency is likely to improve your performance on others.... in other words, the work can be narrow, but the impact broad.)

The Profit Think Tank offers a variety of tools associated with the Profit Competencies systems, including free downloads of the system assessment with its no-cost basic membership.

Basic Membership

The following tools from this program are available with the basic membership (free):

* The Profit Competencies Assessment Tool (PDF)

* Various worksheets and supporting tools around the Profit Competencies System.

* Workbook introduction and chapter example (REC2)

* Electronic Course - An Intro to the Profit Competencies System

Premium Membership

The following additional tools are available to our premium members:
* Workbook files for each of the 60 competencies (Approximately 4-6 pages each of tips, resources, common mistakes and consulting questions.)

* Working files to help implement the Profit Competencies system (approximately 30 different "template" files that can be easily customized - typically in WORD and EXCEL - to meet your business needs)

* Electronic Course - one year follow up (via email) to assist with implementing the Profit Competencies system

* Powerpoints to offer the Profit Competencies Workshop

The Profit Think Tank offers a variety of tools associated with the Profit Competencies systems, including free downloads of the system assessment with its no-cost basic membership.

Other Supporting Tools

Be sure to check out our "store" to purchase the following

* Printed copy of the Profit Competencies Implementation Workbook

* 6 CD Audio Profit Competencies workshop program explaining the system and its 60 competencies

* The "Working Files" CD which contains approximately 30 files

* The "Profit Driven Thinking™" video which is targeted at helping employees understand, support, and improve their contribution to your company's profitability.

* The Full Implementation Kit, which includes all of the above for a lower, bundle packaged price, as well as a discounted price on the Premium Membership.

Start the Dialogue
The Profit Competencies Asessment (part of the free, basic membership) is an excellent starting point for open discssions with your management team about profitability. Differing opinions of the company's strengths and weaknesses opens the doors to productive disucssion. The assessment tool does an excellent job of illuminating this!
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