What is your definition of the concept? This fiction book explore's one entrepreneur's answer to the question.
Our book looks broadly at the concept of profitability through an exercise assigned to Phil as he looks at a a very special assignment from his mentors. Having a deep understanding of the various ways profitability impacts and drives your business can significantly improve your approach to the business.
Profitability Is...
A one month deep dive.

Based on a book by Curt Clinkinbeard, the Founding Member of The Profit Think Tank.

Look over his shoulder as Phil Martin, the owner of a small manufacturing firm, delves into the depth of what profitability means to him and his company. While the book is written from a fictional perspective, readers will gain practical insights – and functional suggestions - from this revealing look into what profitability means, and how it can be improved

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Do the Assignment Yourself
This book is based on a very straightforward, but profound exercise... complete the sentence "Profitability is...." and what it means to you and in your business. Most people find this to be a very revealing and inclusive exercise which helps redefine their approach to building profits in their business.
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