Local meeting / networking format for owners and managers in growth companies.
Learn from your others in your S2 Leaders group. As opposed to lecturing to you, we create engaging programs to stimulate your creativity and that of the group. Brainstorm with your groupmates for an increased learning experience./div>
S2 Leaders™
Idea Exchange and Peer Coaching Program

If you own (or manage) a successful, medium-sized company, you know that finding sources of information that really "get" what you do is difficult.

Sure, there are many books and programs for the very small businesses. And you don't have to look very far to find many others running these "little" companies. Similarly, there are many programs, consultants, and public programs for the very large companies.

But what about you - and your business?

It's against this backdrop that we put together the S2 Leaders™ program.

The goal is to create a program that identifies other managers like you, in companies like yours, but that do NOT compete directly with you. Then provide a format where you can get together to discuss management topics. Not just networking or vague coaching concepts, but real, substantive issues in an organized and facilitated manner.

The S2 Leaders concept is typically delivered in a local meeting format where a facilitator (often a Chamber or an SBDC) host a 60 to 90 minute meeting and helps facilitate the discussion. We provide content for discussion, often in the form of case study to help spark discussion. Not only do we post the materials (in the premium membership section), but also the comments of others who use them so the content has an opportunity to grow, learn, and evolve based on the comments of users.

That's the gist of S2 Leaders.

Click here to download an "open letter" to prospective S2 Leaders members

Click here to download an "open letter" to prospective S2 Leaders group facilitators

Basic Membership

The following tools from this program are available with the basic membership (free):

* "Starting a Local S2 Leaders Group" Whitepaper

* Invitation to participate in a local S2 Leaders group


Premium Membership

The following additional tools are available to our premium members:

* Program materials each month (powerpoint and worksheet)

* Facilitator's Guide - how to start and run a local program

* Promotional Materials

Have a Conversation
One of the best ways to learn about profitably running a small to medium sized business is to hear from other owners and managers. This program helps facilitate the discuss. Program materials are available to communities to offer in their local area as part of the premium membership program.
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