Master the 3 phases (in three focus areas) for the successful business start
Starting a business comes down to looking at 3 focus areas (customer, team, and money) over three distinct phases (concept, open, stabilize).
The TriStart™ Matrix
Written by 25 different startup experts!

Our newest program!

In early 2014, The Profit Think Tank pulled together 25 consultants affiliated with the U.S. Small Business Development Center (SBDC) program, an organization which works with thousands of start-up entrepreneurs each year, to collaborate to create a business start program based on the group's collective expertise

.The process started with a series of 6 conference calls where the team discussed various elements of the start up process and began to map out the "TriStart™ Matrix" program. These calls were recorded and will be made available to PTT members in the upcoming weeks.

The result of these discussions was the structure of a startup program, which looks at three phases of the successful business start, Concept, Open, and Stabilize. In each of the 3 phases, we also considered 3 key focus areas: Customers, Team, and Money. The matrix formed created 9 individual "startup zones," which form the chapter organization of the book.

Upon the completion of the conference calls, a book outline was created and small teams of 2 to 3 people were assigned to draft the individual chapters. After a group review and edit, the book is now available for electronic download as part of the basic membership. (At present, this is a DRAFT version and has not been through a thorough, professional editing, so the book is not in its complete form.)

The electronic copy of the Tri-Start Matrix program was completed in time for release at the 2014 Association of Small Business Development Centers (ASBDC) national conference in Dallas, Texas. Additional parts of the program will be implemented in late 2014, including the final and print version of the book, which will be available in the Profit Think Tank store.



* Download an electronic copy of the full "TriStart Matrix" book

* 10 day electronic course (available Oct 2014)

* Basic worksheets (available Oct 2014)

* Using "TriStart" with SBDC consulting - preparatory checklist clients can use to prepare for SBDC startup consulting (Available Oct 2014)



* MP3 audio files of the 6 conference calls used to develop the TriStart program (available Oct2014)

* PowerPoints for the "TriStart" workshop (available Nov 2014)

* Workbook (available early 2015)

* Full implementation files (WORD and EXCEL files) (available early 2015)

A Collection of Expertise
When we wanted to write a book about the start up process, the logical place to look was the SBDC network. To complete the project, we recruited 25 start-consultants from throughout the country to collaborate to write the book. The 25 authors bring over 500 years of collective experience and have worked with tens of thousands of startup clients. This collaborative approach is an excellent illustration of our "think tank" concept.
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