Curt Clinkinbeard


Curt is the founding member of The Profit Think Tank, and is the "drafter" of many of the organizations initial programs.

By background, Curt comes from the marketing side of business. He quickly realized, however, that good marketing is designed for one purpose only ... to enhance profitability. Working on marketing issues, inevitably leads to working on profitability, which inevitably leads to working on the entire business. Marketing objectives are broad (growing customer revenues) and do not happen in a vacuum. It is from this realization that Curt started focusing more on "profitability as a management discipline" which lead to the "generalist" focus on The Profit Think Tank.

Curt's first program, Customer Pillars - a marketing program offered by The Profit Think Tank - provided Curt a unique experience. That content grows when seen through the eyes of others. Creating content that was not "his only", but rather that grew through user experience and input because, which became a real intention of his approach. Curt also saw the value of collaborative development of content under a single umbrella organization. These things, coupled with technology developments which enabled more direct user interaction, prompted the "Think Tank" part of the business. 

Today, Curt is a business consultant who works with clients in the areas of marketing / revenue development, strategic planning, performance monitoring, and overall profit growth. While Curt works with a variety of industries, he has extensive experience in marketing for the medical industry, particularly medical products companies. Curt is also a partner in a business, MedSmart Marketing, which focuses primarily on medical marketing. 

In the past, Curt was previously the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for a medical products company who grew over 1000% in the 13 years he was there. Curt was also the Director of the Kansas University Small Business Development Center (SBDC) where he worked with over 1000 individual entrepreneurs. Through his work with the national SBDC network, Curt has presented at 7 national ASBDC conferences, has trained over 1000 individual SBDC consultants and has completed 50 workshops for entrepreneurs in the SBDC setting. 

Curt lives in Topeka, Kansas with his wife Summer and their two children. In his spare time, Curt plays keyboards and sings in a rock band. 

Curt's areas of consulting expertise include, 

* Marketing Planning / Coordination
* Marketing Communications
* Strategic Planning
* Leadership Development
* Performance Monitoring / Profit Modeling
* Employee Development


Curt speaks on the following topics

* Marketing (Customer Pillars
* Profitability Enhancement (Profit Competencies, 3D Profitability)
* Using Marketing Principles Internally to Grow Leadership and Employees (Profit Driven Thinking)


To contact Curt Clinkinbeard, please email him at