"Profitability Is..." Book

The relationship between the business owner (or manager) with their company is an interesting one. And profitability is right at the center of this relationship.

Profitability Is ... is a business advice book, but is written from a fictional perspective where Phillip Martin, our protagonist entrepreneur, is given a unique assignment from two very successful businesspeople. They challenge him to complete the sentence "Profitability Is ..." in a journal format.. making an entry each day for a full month. Join Phillip as he takes a deeper dive into what profitability means to him and his business. At the same time, you will not only learn from Phillip and his circle of advisors, but you will get a deeper understanding of your own relationship with Profitability, and how this impacts your success.

Curt Clinkinbeard, a founding member of The Profit Think Tank, is the author of this book. He is also the author of Customer Pillars™ and the Profit Competencies™ system.

Perfect for any business person who wants to improve their profitability. Get this book! Paperback, 214 pages.

Profitability Is.. Book
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