Rich Drinon


Rich is the President of Drinon and Associates ( and is a featured speaker on leadership communications and sales management.

He is the author of "Stepping Up to Leadership" and "Revenge of the Pink Slippers: Turning Your Job Loss into Career Gain", as well as the developer of "Rich Drinon's Leadership Express", a 13 part program on improving leadership competencies

Rich has a Master’s Degree in Communication & Leadership Studies from Gonzaga University, as well Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism & English from University of New Mexico. Rich has been a trainer for hundreds of organizations throughout the U.S. & Canada and has served in leadership and management positions for profit and not-for profit local, statewide, national and international organizations. 

Rich's areas of consulting expertise include, 

* Sales Management
* Strategic Planning
* Leadership Communications
* Employee Development

Rich speaks on the following topics

* Leadership / Communications (Stepping Up to Leadership, Leadership Express) 
* Sales Management
* Entrepreneurship & Career Path (Revenge of the Pink Slippers)

To contact Rich, please email him at