Will Katz

Will Katz provides a monthly book review for The Profit Think Tank, as well as providing thought proving questions for our members to discuss.

Will has more than 15 years of experience managing small businesses.  An entrepreneur himself, Will has launched a variety of business interests.

Will has an Bachelor’s degree with a double-major in Philosophy and Russian from the University of Kansas.  He also has an MBA from KU.

As a Consultant and Director of the KU Small Business Development Center, will has worked with approximately 1500 entrepreneurs, including ExplorersPre-venture candidates, start-up, and existing small business owners (phase Iphase II, and beyond). Will has advised literally hundreds of people who have gone on to start businesses.  He has advised entrepreneurs who have raised more than $2o million in new capital via loans and/or equity placements.

Industries that Will has worked with include: restaurants, retail, manufacturing, e-commerce, medical (including chiropractic and veterinary practices, home services, b2b services, real estate and property management, importing, artists and craftspeople, mompreneurs, and many, many more.

To contact Will, please email him at willkatz@ku.edu.